Andy Fite came to Sweden in 1994 from New York City, where he studied jazz improvising with the legendary pianist Connie Crothers, whose central mission as a teacher was to help a person consistently reach the state of being that allows for spontaneous self-expression— a state of integration where mind, body and spirit come together in harmony, where one feels completely present, secure and capable. A state of flow.

When he discovered Body Sense (and its precursor Body Harmony), Andy felt, Aha! This is just like jazz. It’s intuitive, spontaneous, and it’s all about the interplay.

It begins with a short conversation. Whatever is on the client’s mind in that moment is starting point. The issue can be physical, emotional, or spiritual; a current situation or something from her deep history. From there, it goes where it goes. It works best when we don’t try to control the outcome.

The body work begins with a conscious touch. A thousand small movements in the body are perceived, and little by little comes an awareness of what tensions can be relaxed, what connections made, what asymmetries brought into balance. Nothing is ever forced. It’s like a slow-motion dance at a microscopic level. The therapist goes where the client leads him, then gently takes the movement a little further. If memories, emotions, or even seemingly random thoughts pop up, you are free to voice them, and at times they lead further into the healing experience that this particular day has to offer.

At the end of a session, you generally feel much more relaxed, peaceful and in balance. And, potentially, in a good condition to take the next steps in your healing on your own in the days to follow.

Andy Fite
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